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Our Client Commitment

The Lacroix Law Firm's Client Commitment was developed to affirm our commitment to provide excellent legal service to our clients. Once you become our client we make the following commitments to you:

1. We commit to being available to speak with you about your case.

2. We commit to offering the most cost-effective methods for your case to save on your legal fees. (while the preferred billing method for our office is a flat fee, certain types of cases may be best handled on an hourly fee basis.)

2. We commit to returning your phone calls and emails within 24 hours. We try to return calls within the same business day whenever possible, but if that is not possible, you should receive a return call by the next business day. 

4. You have the right to be consulted about your schedule prior to anything being scheduled for you, either in court, in depositions or meetings with the adverse party, to the extent possible. Clients should understand, however, that certain court hearings, depositions, and other meetings, can be scheduled by the court or opposing counsel without our consent or approval and your attendance may be compelled.

5. We commit to notifying you in writing of upcoming court dates, depositions, and other types of hearings or meetings, especially when your attendance is required.

6. You have the right to expect work to be performed in a timely manner. This means all legal deadlines are being met or within the time frame established by you and your attorney.

7. You have the right to be kept informed of all work being performed on your behalf within a reasonable time frame. 

8. You have the right to review all written work product of the attorney prepared on your behalf before it is sent to an adverse party, opposing counsel, or third party, except in urgent situations. This includes substantive letters, court pleadings, and other written work, but may not apply to routine cover letters and things of that nature. While your comments and suggestions should be addressed by the attorney to your satisfaction, we do not allow Clients to rewrite our written work product.

9. We commit You have the right to receive copies of all written documents, either produced or received in relation to your case, including correspondence, court pleadings, and other written documents.

This includes a complete copy of your file upon completion of your case upon request. The Client may be charged for the cost of copying documents that were prepared by the firm, but will not be charged for the return of their original documents that were provided to the attorney.

11. We commit You are entitled to be included in the decision making process for your case and there are certain decisions that belong to the Client alone, including whether or not to testify in court, whether to request a jury, and whether or not to accept a settlement. However, legal strategy decisions are up to the attorney to make, so it is important for the Client and attorney to maintain a relationship built on trust.

13. You can expect your attorney to act ethically within the bounds of the rules of professional conduct governing lawyers in Virginia.

14. If you are being billed by the hour, you can expect to receive monthly invoices reflecting the work that has been performed on your behalf and the amount charged. If at any time you have a question about your bill or think you did not receive an invoice, we will be happy to provide a duplicate copy or a complete Account Statement showing all of the work billed and payment from the beginning of the case through the present. Please note that clients being billed a Flat Fee will not receive invoices because the fee charged is not based on the amount of work done.

In addition to the above, all DC licensed attorneys are duty bound to adgrere to the ethical rules rules and standards governing the attorny-client relationship including  the duty of client confidentiality and the duty to represent clients in a competent and qualified manner. 

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